Pint-Sized Chihuahua Incapable To Contain His Adoration For Mother’s Kisses

Chihuahuas are fun, feisty, and any individual who imparts life to (at least one) realizes how valuable they are. What Chihuahuas need size they compensate for in character. Hermes the Chihuahua is a case of how cherishing and given this little variety can be.

His mom loves to give Hermes kisses and the tiny pooch shows his mom how much he adores her, too.

Source: Woof Woof/Facebook

Whenever his mom says “yum yum yum” and gives her pup kisses on his face, he howls and smiles the entire time!

Hermes starts out with a big bellowing “arooooo” when his owner shares her love and smooches. It gets better as the video goes along because Hermes even closes his eyes to take it all in.

Source: Woof Woof/Facebook

This somewhat little Chi has no issue indicating the world what he feels in his heart. Our desire is for each dog needing a home to discover one and be gushed upon like Hermes.

Watch the “love fest” by pressing play on the sweet video below.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch

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